Eyebrows are one of the most important features of our faces, yet they are often the most neglected. Bringing beautiful brows to as many people as possible is Chris's passion & mission. She hopes that passion resonates, and inspires you to get the beautiful brows you deserve.

Along with a gentle touch, the special hard wax and technique Chris uses cause less pain & redness than traditional eyebrow waxing. She also offers products and services from Billion Dollar Brows.

Brow wax    $20
Includes consultation and clean-up

Brow sculpt    $30
Includes consultation with a new shape

Event brows    $40
Includes consultation, wax or tweeze, brow make-up along with gel to hold in place along with Cherry Blooms brush on fibre lash extensions

Brow tinting    $15
Using a vegetable dye to color your brows, lasting up to three weeks. In light brown, brown, auburn, graphite, or black

Lash tinting  $25
Using black vegetable dye to color your lashes, lasting up to three weeks

Show what's on the inside
Brow shape plays an important role in how we are sized up by others, not just in a fashion sense but how our moods are perceived

  • super thin arches make people look suprised
  • too pointy arches make people seem angry
  • thicker brows are more relaxed and youthful

One brow does not fit all

  • flatter brows help shorten a long face
  • moderate arches help balance out oval faces
  • pronounced arches help elongate round and square faces
  • bold brows minimize strong jaws on heart-shaped faces